Los 5 Latinos!!!

OMG!!!!! Estela Raval is the mother of our teacher and friend Monica Romero of Los Ocampo!!! And Estela Raval is the singer of Los 5 Latinos!!!!! And Los 5 Latinos has made some of my favorite tango recordings that I have been listening to many years and I love the singer's voice AND SHE IS MONICA'S MOTHER!!!!! And I didn't know!!!!! And tonight we were in their CONCERT in Luna Park!!!!! Estela Raval is a MAJOR BIG STAR in Argentina and all over Spanish speaking world. She has 50 years long career as a soloist and with Los 5 Latinos. She was so AMAZING, an impressive and charismatic performer. She made thousands of people just go WILD!!! And she had a little time for us after the concert, we got to take a picture with her and she signed my CD!!!!!

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