Catch up

We had a wonderful time in Stockholm!!! It was great to see you all, old and new tango friends!!! Thank you all who came to the Finnish tango class, it was really fun, dancing there in the middle of beautiful ballet and traditional dance costumes at the DansMuseet! And thank you Birgitta for a lovely home! Next time we will play Jungle Speed!

On our way home we had time to see some friends at Tampere, and when we tried to leave for Oulu, we had to make a legal U-turn and drive back to see some more friends at Tampere!!! It seems we cannot get out of there, so I guess we'd better move there!
All of you who are already there, GO TO MAXI's TANGO CLASSES!!!!! Our friend Maximiliano is at Tampere now, and he is giving wonderful classes today and tomorrow! Wow, you people of Tampere, you are having an active tango scene there!!!

Now we are home: Pasi suddenly had to go to work, and I get to go to musical dance classes every day this week!!! We do have some office work to catch up with... It seems that the new mailing list is not working; we have heard that it is very hard to join! It should be the easiest thing to join, so we will try to fix it.


Finsk tango på Dansmuseet!!!

Hejssan alla!!! Soon we are on our way again to lovely Stockholm!!!!! On Thursday we want to see all of you at the Dansmuseet at 18h in our Finnish tango class!!! We will start from the basics, and quickly lead you to the beautiful, romantic, melancholic, slavic, nostalgic, retro, trendy and wonderful world of Finnish social dancing. The class is free, and part of Stockholms Kulturfestival, where the theme this year is Finland!!! Check the amazing program here!
Tip: on Wednesday you will find the legendary M.A. Numminen performing at Brunkebergstorg kl 18.30! He will probably sing some crazy Finnish tangos! And we will probably be there too!