A Swiss tour

The first week in Bergun is over, thank you Jelena & Dominik and Gustavo & Giselle Anne!!! We had a wonderful milonga last Saturday in SouSol and AMAZING classes by GyG on Sunday. On Monday we started teaching our own classes, inspired by the great maestros. Check our teaching schedule in Switzerland in our personal calendar or www.tangotanz.ch!

Yesterday we had the chance to visit Fribourg, walk in the old part of town, and in the evening we went to dance in Basel. The milonga Poema was in a beautiful house, the music was lovely, and we had some great dances! Hope to visit the Basel tango scene again! Now we are back in Zurich, and it is raining... We had planned to go to Lausanne today, but decided instead to sleep in, go shopping and visit a museum, so off we go!


Tango moments in Bergun

Ooh, we having so much fun at the seminario of Gustavo Naveira and Gisele Ann! I have been leading, and Pasi has been a good follower, back-leading me only in extreme difficulties... Some sequences have been a little bit complicated, but as Pasi picks up the sequences very easily, together we are doing great!

The milongas have been really nice, with good dancers and good music, traditional and alternative. Pasi was dj'ing the first night, but very soon he lost his place to Gustavo, who got very excited about his music collection, and happily played until the small hours! I played music the next night and got to keep my place until the last song!

Tonight we are going to Schlitteln!!!!!


On a lindy high... ja myös tangoa...

We had an amazing time at the Late Night Jump swing dance camp in Tampere!!! Thanks to the organizers and the teachers!!! We definitely want to keep on dancing lindy hop!!!
And you people, keep on dancing tango! The tango groups were the biggest in the camp!!! We are very happy about the classes!

Tulemme torstaina HELSINKIIN, ja järjestämme tangoaiheista ohjelmaa Almacenissa Amigos del Tangon avulla! Torstaina 8.1. pidämme OHJATUN PRACTICAN klo 19-20, ja normaali torstain milonga alkaa klo 20. Perjantaina 9.1. pidämme TUNTEJA keskitasolle klo 18-19.30 ja edistyneille klo 19.30-21. Yhden oppitunnin hinta 15e. Klo 21 alkaa MILONGA LA TORTUGA, jossa soitetaan vain parasta tanssimusiikkia!!!!! Yksityistunnit ovat mahdollisia, ota yhteyttä! Lisätietoa Amigos del Tangon sivuilla!

Lue loistava tangoaiheinen juttu Kalevasta!!! Minua ja Pasia haastatteli tanssija ja koreografi Petri Kauppinen, joka syventyi kanssamme tangon saloihin. (tämän jutun kuva on Kalevasta, valokuvaaja on Anniina Nissinen.)

And on Saturday we will fly to Switzerland, and you still can come with us to the Snow and Tango festivals!!!!! Bergun 24.-31.1. and Davos 7.-14.2. Information and registration here!!! Questions, me at info@pasiymaria.net!