Milongas in Buenos Aires - some suggestions about where to go, when to go

Monday: Salon Canning, Villa Malcolm
Tuesday: Practica X, Practica Ocho, Porteno y Bailarin
Wednesday: Villa Malcolm, Confiteria Ideal, La Viruta, Peru, La Marshall
Thursday: Nino Bien, Salon Canning
Friday: Villa Malcolm, Gricel, Salon Canning, La Viruta
Saturday: Club Sunderland, La Viruta
Sunday: La Viruta, Porteno y Bailarin, El Beso, Plaza Dorrego

This is by no means a complete guide of milongas in Buenos Aires, just some good options where to go and when! More detailed information to come! Send us tips about your favorite places in Buenos Aires: milongas, restaurants, hotels, museums, shopping...

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