Finnische Tango in Bergun

Three days of Finnish tango classes in Bergun are over. Thank you all guys for great effort and enthusiasm! Classes were fun and your work and progress was fantastic!!! Finland welcomes you to visit anytime.
We promised you information of the essentials of Finnish tango music. The easiest way definitely is to go to iTunes-store and search for 'suomalainen tango' and look for '20 Suosikkia / Suuret Suomalaiset Tangot' . There are four volumes of tangos, some of them originally Finnish, some originally international or from Argentina. Nevertheless always played in Finnish style and sung in Finnish.

The songs we played mostly in the classes were:
Satumaa, Kangastus and Tähdet meren yllä by Reijo Taipale,
Erottamattomat and Syvä kuin meri by Esko Rahkonen,
The very slow tango was Soi maininki hiljainen by Merja Raski
Tangos in Swedish were sung by Arja Saijonmaa.

Maria reminds and encourages you to try Finnish tango steps to all music you hear!!!
Hope to see you all again soon, either with Finnish or Argentine tango!

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