August in Switzerland!!!

We came to Switzerland and suddenly we were taken to a surprise holiday to the south side of the Alps, by the lake Lago Maggiore! Dominik and Jelena invited us for a couple of days to relax before the work starts. We never knew that it would be so mediterranean just three hours from Zurich! It was incredible! Palmtrees, mountains and views from Norway (really!) at the same time!
During the next three weeks we are giving classes in Luzern on Mondays and Tuesdays, in Zurich on Wednesdays and private lessons. On Saturday and Sunday 9th and 10th we give workshops in Luzern, next weekend also in Luzern by SwissDance Congress and next weekend at DanzaMania in Zurich (both Finnish and Argentine Tango!). Join the Fun!!!

ATTENTION!!! New photos on Flickr!!! See the link on the right!!!

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