Horror Halloween 28.10.

On Saturday 28th of October we were invited to dance in the most important stage in Tromso, the Cultural House (Kulturhuset). Orchestra of approx. 40 musician played an overwhelming version of the classical Tango Jealousy which was really challenging to perform. The magnitude of sound sent chills in our backs... We received great feedback from a girl of eight years who came to hug us in the back stage deeply impressed of our dancing.
At the same night was also a SalsaHalloween Party in Il Mare. We had been preparing two choreographies with the foremost salsa dancers in Norway, Erik and Consuelo. They have won titles in salsa competitions in USA and performed and taught in the biggest salsa festivals in the world and also in the mecca of mambo, New York. They placed 8th in the most prestigious salsa competition in Puerto Rico! The other choreography was an electrotango for two couples and the other was an etremely fast and difficult salsa routine. We had been working for weeks with them! Get a glimps of the Tango vs. Salsa Challenge in www.tromsosalsa.com!!

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